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Additional Tracker Fee Added To Dubois Water Customer’s Billing Due To Patoka Wholesale Rate Increase:

Patoka Lake Regional Water once again has approved an increase in the water wholesale rates effective billing June 30th, 2021. At the April 13th, 2021 monthly meeting the Board of Directors of Dubois Water approved a motion to pass on the Patoka Rate Increase in the form of an additional $.30/per 1000 gallon to the current tracker fee $.74/per 1000 gallons on the monthly customer billings. The tracker fee has been calculated to be a total of  $1.04/per 1000 gallons with the help of rate consultant O.W. Krohn and Associates. Effective on June's 2021 usage billing on Dubois Water customer water bill. On the customer’s water bill the current rates at this time remain the same on the water charge line, there is a separate line for tracker fee charge.