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At Dubois Water Utilities Inc., we are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.


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August 29, 2019

Dubois Water Utilities, Inc.: is seeking a full time position of


Position performs assigned day to day labor tasks in distribution maintenance, construction, services, repairs, operations, locates and meter reading. This position entails a need for professionalism, good judgment and ability to work with customers, and staff.  Position can be strenuous and Operator must be physically capable of performing the duties assigned. The applicant must understand that they may be called out in emergency situations at anytime.

Applicant must have a High School Diploma or GED. An IDEM-Class DSL Water Operator Certification and  IN Drivers CDL Class A License...

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Safe Drinking Water

Safe Drinking Water

September 01, 2019

The last time you turned on a tap to brush your teeth, or fill a glass, or add 1/2 cup of water to a recipe, did you happen to wonder about the safety or cleanliness of the water? Almost certainly not. You didn't have to. You could rest assured that your drinking water was free from harm— untainted. This is one of the great privileges of living where we live . . . and when we live. 

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